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Wi-Fi 6: The Future Of Home Networking

Upgrade to faster and more reliable internet in your Westlake area home

Wi-Fi 6: The Future Of Home Networking

Your home network is the backbone of your smart home, lifestyle, and home entertainment. Does your networking system have the speed and bandwidth to support all your devices? If you are experiencing a lagging or inconsistent connection, it might be time to upgrade to new equipment. Video General Inc. is here to help you with every step of your home networking installation. Discover why you need to upgrade your home network to Wi-Fi 6 in Westlake, TX.

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Introduction to Wi-Fi 6

The latest generation of wireless is called Wi-Fi 6. Wi-Fi 5 operates up to 3.5 Gbps, while Wi-Fi 6 can get up to 9.6 Gbps. The average download speed is only 1% of that, so it is unlikely that you would ever need a network that fast. It can, however, be divided amongst several devices to ensure a functional smart home. This is essential because when your router tries to connect with too many devices at once, your network will bottleneck. Wi-Fi 6 fixes this problem by sending the data in the same broadcast using orthogonal frequency division multiple access and allowing the devices to check in regularly. Wi-Fi 6 can thus handle more devices without slowing down your network. Telecommute to work, watch 4K movies and TV shows, and use your social networking sites all without facing any lag.

Wi-Fi 6 also offers better security with its WPA3 protocol and improves the battery life of your devices by being more efficient with communication. When you buy equipment, remember that only devices made to be used with Wi-Fi 6 can take full advantage of these upgrades. That doesn’t mean that you need to go out and replace all of your smart technology. We recommend upgrading to Wi-Fi 6 as your devices give out from wear and tear.

UniFi 6

Our technology professionals like to use UniFi access points in our residential installations. UniFi is known for devices that bring wide-ranging wireless coverage while maintaining overall network capacity. The new line of UniFi 6 access points, currently consisting of U6 Lite and U6 Long-Range, can support over 300 devices using OFDMA technology for a smooth and reliable experience.

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