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Why Home Builders & Architects Should Partner with a Home Theater Company

There’s an Art & Science to Home Theater Installations

Why Home Builders & Architects Should Partner with a Home Theater Company

If you’re an architect, home builder, or designer, you know it takes a village to complete a new luxury home. Each day, you’re likely communicating with electricians, civil engineers, plumbers, pool contractors, consultants, and other specialists. You’re the ringleader, sourcing the right people and services to complete the puzzle of a new house. 

So what do you do when your clients are looking for a home theater room? For the best results, you should work with someone who knows home theaters inside and out—just as you hire other contractors.

A home theater installation involves many moving parts, and a technology integrator knows what needs to be done for the best results. We’re a home theater company based in Southlake, TX, and here’s how we help home builders ‘wow’ their clients with magical, cinematic spaces.

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Get the Right Dimensions 

If you’re in the house’s planning stages, you’ll have complete control over the cinema’s size and location. Ideally, a home theater should not have any windows and only one door to avoid excess ambient light. There should be a wall large enough for a theater display and space for ample seating.

Higher ceilings typically create a superior listening and viewing experience. Acoustics are essential in a home theater, and for the best sound, the theater room should be rectangular, not square. If soundproofing is a concern, building a ‘room within a room’ will contain surround sound noises without bothering the rest of the house.

We Know Wiring 

Now for the less exciting but essential stage: wiring. We’ll need to plan where data and power wiring will run through the walls and connect to speakers, retractable screens, smart lighting, and other technology. If your client intends to install a smart control system, this will require low-voltage wiring and surge protection, which we’ll handle for you.

Installing Audio & Video 

We know home theaters like the back of our hands. While you’re busy with other tasks, we’ll handle the design and installation of speakers, subwoofers, screens, lighting, and controls. If the room needs it, we can also implement soundproofing and acoustic treatments so the audio is clear and balanced. We know the best brands for each solution, and can integrate all technology into one system. 

The Finishing Touches 

Now for the wall colors, décor, and seating. There are several things to consider once we’re at the interior design phase. For instance, in home theaters, we advise against brightly colored walls since light colors reflect the projector and create a hazy glow. However, if your customer is adamant about a bright room, we can offer screen fabrics that deflect ambient light. 

We can then order and supply authentic cinema furniture that suits your client’s style, whether that’s modern or Old Hollywood. If your client is more of a minimalist, we can install hidden AV components that blend into the room.  

Need Assistance for Home Theater Installations? 

If you’re ready to partner with a home theater installer in the Southlake area, contact Video General here to learn more about our services. We look forward to discussing your next project with you!

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