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Whole-Home Audio: How It Works & Why You’ll Love It

Bring More Music to Your Everyday Life

Whole-Home Audio: How It Works & Why You’ll Love It

If you’re a music lover or podcast connoisseur, is it time to take your home audio to the next level? Headphones may be handy, but they can prevent you from listening and speaking with family and friends. And whether you own wired or wireless headphones, tangled wires and battery charges can be a nuisance.

Maybe you listen to music out loud on a Bluetooth speaker or record player system. But when you walk away from the speaker into another room, music falls out of earshot, and you can’t hear anymore. Likewise, when hosting get-togethers, a set of speakers in only one room likely won’t reach all your guests.

Thankfully, there’s another approach. Whole-home audio involves using a series of speakers across your home (and outdoors!) that play in unison. Whether you’re listening to the radio, streaming playlists, or playing records, you can enjoy all media through every room.

If that sounds complicated to install on your own, an audio-visual company like Video General is here to help. Learn how multi-room audio works and will benefit your Southlake, TX home below!

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How We Build Whole-Home Audio

To play music across multiple rooms and floors, we’ll use a multi-source audio receiver or a smart control system (like Elan) that sends audio signals to amplifiers. We’ll connect your media sources to the system, so you can freely switch between Spotify, radio, CDs, and vinyl.

Another approach is to install data cabling in the walls to send AV signals to speakers. If you’re building a new house or renovating, don’t miss the opportunity to discreetly run wires through the walls. We can even install hidden in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that blend into the interior.

Controlling Your Speaker System 

When we install home control systems like Elan, many homeowners use the Elan app on their phones or tablets to control the multi-room speaker system. They’ll select which rooms they’d like to listen in, choose the audio source, and press ‘Play.’

But a smartphone isn’t the only way to manage whole-home speakers. You can also use a handheld remote if that feels more familiar. At our AV company, we also install custom wall keypads that connect to the speaker system. Press a button like “Rock” or “Jazz,” and instantly, a specific playlist starts playing across your house. 

Times You’ll Use Whole-Home Audio 

Music always boosts the mood, no matter what activity you’re doing. If you’re wondering when you’ll use a whole-home sound system, we can guarantee it will become a part of everyday life. 

You can use whole-home and outdoor audio for:

  • Hosting parties 
  • Exercising 
  • Barbecues 
  • Catching up on news and podcasts 
  • Listening to nature sounds 
  • Following audiobooks 
  • Yoga and meditation 
  • Listening to TV audio 
  • Playing vinyl records 
  • Adding fun to chores and cooking 
  • And so much more! 

With a professionally-installed audio system, you aren’t limited to a single music source across every speaker, either. The kids can listen to their music upstairs while the adults enjoy throwback hits on the patio. It’s all in the same system, but you can control each zone separately. 


Is multi-room audio what your home’s been missing? If you’d like to learn more, contact Video General to learn more about our audio-visual services. We look forward to working with you!

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