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What Settings Can I Use with Automatic Shading?

How to Make the Most of Motorized Shades at Home

What Settings Can I Use with Automatic Shading?

Any homeowner with motorized window shades will swear by their convenience, versatility, and simplicity. Whether you’re starting the day or settling down for a movie night, automatic shading provides the ideal lighting conditions in seconds. 

If you’re wondering what can be done with automatic shading, here are programming options to help you save time in your Southlake, Texas, home. 

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Adjust Shades with Wall Keypads 

Motorized shading doesn’t have to be controlled by a phone app or remote. Sometimes, pressing a button on the wall is still the most intuitive way to control a room’s lighting conditions. 

Automated shading systems like Lutron allow homeowners to enjoy customized wall keypads that adjust shading levels. You can tap arrow buttons to lower or raise the shades, controlling multiple windows in unison. By working with a technology integrator, we can program customized keypad buttons for you so they connect to all the shades and lights you desire. 

Synchronize Across the House 

Once the sun sets and neighbors can glimpse into your illuminated windows, automatic shades can lower in unison across the house. With one command, from the living room to the bedrooms, you’ll be granted privacy in seconds.  Lutron’s Intelligent Hembar Alignment technology sets every window shade in a straight line, so you can enjoy a clean, neat appearance in every window. 

Schedule to Follow Routines 

Within the lighting system app, you can schedule motorized shades to rise or lower depending on the time of day. For example, if you wake up at 7:30, shades can rise across the house (except where you get dressed), letting in the morning sun. If you’re out the door at 8:00, shades may descend again and rise later upon your return. 

Your technology integrator will equip your home with a smart control system like Lutron or Elan that allows you to create schedules that activate shades alongside smart lights, thermostats, security devices, and more. Activities like “Workout” or “Dinner” can have their own shading settings. 

Layer Motorized Shades 

Layered shading is a common feature in luxury hotels—and now the homes of Lutron customers. You can control multiple layers of window shades all from the control system. Perhaps you want a sheer, light-filtering roller shade behind thick drapery. You can manage drapes, blinds, and shades of all materials and choose when each layer should activate. Tap “Nap” on your wall keypad or app, and thick drapes close. Press “Afternoon,” and soft, light-filtering fabric will lower, keeping rooms bright with minimal glare. 


whole-home automation system offers nearly unlimited options for automatic shading. Whether you’re covering floor-to-ceiling windows, skylights, outdoor areas, or every window in the house, there’s an automated shading solution for your home. 

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