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Upgrade Your Home Audio System with Wireless Control from Sonos

Sonos allows you to combine your existing audio system with convenient, wireless control and streaming options

Upgrade Your Home Audio System with Wireless Control from Sonos

Whole-home audio provides fun for the entire family with music, podcasts, and audiobooks readily available in every room of the house. But playing music starts to feel like a chore if you’re still using an old sound system that requires you to fiddle with volume knobs and keypads every time you want to make an adjustment.

But Sonos has revolutionized the audio industry, allowing you to add wireless audio capabilities to existing sound systems in your Westlake, TX home. With Sonos, you can enjoy all the perks of multiroom audio with centralized control without replacing the audio components you already own. Keep reading to learn how!

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Upgrade Your Audio System With Sonos

Today, many families face a dilemma: they want to upgrade to multiroom audio….but don’t want to scrap an existing high-performance sound system and start over again. With Sonos, you don’t have to — all you need is a little help from a Sonos Port.

The Port is a Wi-Fi streamer that allows you to bring a wired stereo system into a Sonos ecosystem. Port’s digital-to-analog converter ensures streaming sound to traditional speakers is clean and detailed. The Port also supports an iPod, mobile phone, CD player, or turntable to expand your listening selection.

If you do need to start over, look at the Sonos Amp. The Amp is a versatile, single-zone amplifier that can power passive floor-standing, bookshelf, in-wall, in-ceiling, and outdoor speakers. The Amp can power two pairs of speakers and bring them into a Sonos ecosystem. The Amp can also support a computer, CD player, or turntable depending on the music sources you have at your disposal.

Expand the Sonos Ecosystem

Keep in mind that the Amp and Port are single-zone devices. That means all speakers connected to one Amp will play the same content at the same volume. You can expand your audio system by adding more speakers and another Amp or Port in multiple listening zones. Alternatively, you can purchase wireless Sonos speakers to fill in gaps where you don’t have existing speakers. Sonos speakers connect directly to the Sonos ecosystem.

Control Multiroom Audio From a Single Device

Once you connect your passive speakers or stereo system to the Sonos Port or Sonos Amp, you can wirelessly control your home audio using the Sonos mobile app.

Sonos’s app is one of the most user-friendly interfaces on the market. Save all your favorite content in one place — podcasts, audiobooks, radio stations (including Sonos Radio HD), and streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music, Deezer, YouTube, and more. Use the app to start or stop music in any room, adjust the volume, and save favorite settings. You can group speakers in multiple rooms to play in sync or send different playlists to different rooms of the house. Activate Trueplay™ tuning technology to measure the acoustics of the room and fine-tune your speakers to deliver optimal sound no matter the surroundings.

Control of your entire system is in the palm of your hand. Or, if your hands are full, it’s controllable by voice commands. Use the Sonos app to add voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for hands-free control.

Are you ready to enhance your home entertainment with music, podcasts, and audiobooks in every room? Video General is your go-to Sonos dealer in the Westlake, TX area. Call us or fill out an online contact form to discuss bringing high-end wireless audio to your home!

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