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Transform Your Home with High-End Speakers

Enjoy a Lifelike Soundstage Throughout Your Home, Whether Watching TV or Listening to Music

Transform Your Home with High-End Speakers

According to varying studies, the average American spends about three hours watching TV and almost four hours listening to music daily. That comes out to nearly half of our waking hours engaged in listening to some form of audio.

For audiophiles, some of this time may be spent in designated listening rooms with high-fidelity speakers immersing them in the best sound reproduction available. For many, its music streamed from their smartphones, laptops, and portable Bluetooth speakers. One survey found that only 8% of the 34,000 respondents listened to music on hi-fi equipment or turntables. 

If you’ve experienced music and soundtracks delivered from high-end speakers, you know the difference they can make in your Colleyville, TX, home. The good news is that today's manufacturers create solutions for every type of audio and room. Families can enjoy the best high-performance sound, whether watching their favorite Netflix series in the living room, listening to music by the pool, or enthralled in a movie in their home theater. 

At Video General, we create spaces that deliver the ultimate in today’s audio and video technology, from whole-home distributed AV systems to media rooms and outdoor entertainment meccas. To do this, we partner with industry leaders in audio, video, and home automation technology. Let’s explore some of their remarkable technology.

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Bowers & Wilkins

Bowers & Wilkins is well-known for manufacturing some of the best loudspeakers on the planet, found in some of the best recording studios and luxury homes. As homeowners' demands for hi-fi audio increase, they’ve continued to expand their offerings, designing solutions for numerous applications. 

For example, their custom home theater speakers deliver immersive, high-performance, all-encompassing audio that surrounds you with a designated center speaker that offers precise, clear dialogue. Subwoofers let you feel as well as hear the all-important bass. Our certified technicians strategically install these speakers to bring the latest soundtracks to life, from the soft subtle wind surrounding you to the big, bold chase scenes that encase you. 

Stealth Acoustics 

Stealth Acoustics offers award-winning invisible speakers and subwoofers. The company’s LineaResponseX line are expert-grade invisible high-performance speakers that some consider the best architectural speakers on the market. These in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are covered with drywall, wallpaper, or fabric, blending in with a home's décor and making them completely invisible. 

This type of high-performance audio is ideal for whole-home audio systems. Installing hidden speakers throughout your home allows you to experience pristine audio that surrounds you, seemingly coming from nowhere. These systems let you play one beautiful melody throughout your home or tune into different audio sources in every room. All the audio equipment for this remarkable system is tucked away into a closet, and the audio signal is distributed from there to every speaker in your home.  

At Video General, we specialize in smart home automation and high-performance audio and video technology. Our goal is to provide our clients with the ultimate entertainment and luxurious living, creating enjoyable spaces with technology that’s easy to control. To learn more about high-end speakers and the latest AV systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Video General today.