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Transform Your Home by Working with a Lutron Dealer

Lutron’s Automated Lighting and Shade Solutions Create the Perfect Home Environment

Transform Your Home by Working with a Lutron Dealer

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to upgrade your lighting system or a builder in the first phases of construction, a Lutron dealer can help you create lighting that transforms your living space in a timely and efficient manner. Once you experience Lutron lighting solutions in your Southlake, TX, home, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. 

Let’s look at what a Lutron dealer brings to the table and how we, at Video General, exceed our client’s expectations every time. 

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The Complete Package

For over 60 years, Lutron has led the lighting control industry. Their technology-centered company has continued to advance from its humble beginnings to today, continually inventing lighting control devices that now number over 15,000. Their integrated solutions allow homeowners and builders to intuitively and seamlessly combine lighting, shading, and temperature control with other home automation systems such as security, audio-video, and more. 

From the 52-story New York Times Building to the White House, large estates, and renovations, Lutron has defined industry standards with its technology solutions. By integrating lighting, shade, and temperature control, they've created a home where all systems work together to create the perfect environment. 

Lighting Control

Lutron’s lighting control can manage almost every indoor and outdoor light. For example, we can program lights to turn on as you enter the driveway and welcome you home. Motion sensors can illuminate a dim trail of lights that lead from your bedroom when you wake in the middle of the night. In addition, we can integrate your security system so that certain lights turn on when motion is detected. 

Lutron's tunable full-spectrum lighting also gives you access to millions of colors that change with the touch of a button or automatically transform throughout the day, mimicking natural daylight. In addition, we'll program pre-set scenes that set the lighting to your desired hue and intensity for different occasions. 

Set the mood when guests come over, highlight fine art in colors that accentuate its beauty, or create an outdoor space that lights up like the stars. With Lutron lighting, almost anything is possible.

Of course, lighting control isn’t just about creating a beautiful home environment. Through the use of dimmers, LED lights, motion detected lighting features, and other lighting controls, Lutron reduces their customers’ electric bills by about $1 billion every year

Shade Control

Lutron’s shades are made to add to and incorporate a home’s décor and design. Available in over 1,500 fabrics and textures, these shades come in sheer fabrics that allow the diffuse light of the sun in and retain the view of the beautiful outdoors. Translucent materials offer more privacy, and blackout shades are perfect for media rooms and bedrooms. 

Simultaneously control all shades at one time or in individual rooms. Even better, let your shades automatically adjust based on the position of the sun and the temperature in the rooms. They’ll rise in the morning, allowing the diffuse rays of the sun to filter through. As rooms heat up during the day, they’ll close to deflect the solar heat.

One-Touch Control

Whether in your home or around the world, your system can be controlled with one touch on a smartphone, laptop, touchscreen, or universal remote control. Customized keypads can adjust your lighting, shades, temperature, and entertainment with pre-programmed settings. Lights dim to the perfect hue, shades lower, the temperature adjusts, and music fills your home. 

At Video General, we partner with industry-leading brands such as Lutron to provide our clients with the quality, reliability, and seamless integration that defines the best in smart home automation. To learn more about Lutron lighting and shade control or schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Video General today.