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The Unique Benefits Of Custom Window Treatments

Custom window shades, blinds, and curtains do so much more than simply block sunlight or provide privacy.

The Unique Benefits Of Custom Window Treatments

You may not think about window shades much, except for when the sun is in your eyes. But smart, custom window treatments will revitalize the way you think about shades. From fashionable aesthetics to saving energy to providing you with more control and convenience, window treatments are capable of doing so much more than you may think.

Read on to learn more about what custom window treatments can do for your Southlake, Texas home. 

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Conserve Energy

There are many types of window shades out there, but few have the ability to seal in heat or allow sunlight in without the damaging effects of UV rays. Customized window treatments can do both. When you need to warm up a room, you can raise the shades for optimum sunlight and adjust them to a level that’s comfortable for your brightness and glare tolerance. 

Conversely, smart shades can keep your home cool with blackout materials that effectively keep the sun out. In both scenarios, your shades will take some of the load off your HVAC, thus cutting utility costs and saving energy. Custom window treatments are a great way to start living a “greener” lifestyle.

Experience Convenience And Control

Window shades and blinds with cords can be annoying for homeowners – especially when you have cats, dogs, or curious toddlers! These cords can be easily tangled, knotted, and to the family pet or child, look like fun to play with. Additionally, your home may have large windows in high places that are challenging to manage – who wants to get out a ladder just to let in some natural light? 

Custom window treatments take away those frustrations. Smart window treatments can be managed on a smartphone app, so they open or close with the press of a button or automatically at specific times of the day. No more having to get up from the couch in the middle of a show to close the shades when the sun casts a distracting glare on the TV. For those with mobility issues, window treatments that adjust on their own or with a button or voice command can be especially helpful. 

Customize Your Style

As the name suggests, custom window treatments offer a wide array of styles for any type of home. From shade to blinds to drapes, you have several options for colors, styles, materials, and fabrics. Choose from well over 1,500 varieties! Better yet, you can even use your own fabric if you want the window treatments to match your furniture. Finally, motorized shades eliminate the sight of distracting cords that are typical of manual blinds. 

Upgrade Your Window Treatments Today

Add convenience and luxury to your home with customized window treatments. Contact Video General today to learn more. We can’t wait to work with you!