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The Special Ingredient for Interior Design: Smart Lighting Control

See Your Home’s Interior in an All-New Light

The Special Ingredient for Interior Design: Smart Lighting Control

Whether you’re a homeowner, home builder, or interior designer, if you’re looking to create impressive living spaces, centralized lighting is one of the best ways to achieve that. 

What do we mean by “centralized lighting”? We mean smart LED light fixtures that are all synced to a central controller. This allows you to control multiple lights, rooms, and even the whole house simultaneously as you adjust the lighting color and brightness. 

If you’re undergoing a home renovation or want to enhance your design portfolio, learn how lighting control can transform your Westlake, TX, home project.

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Consolidate Light Switches Into Stylish Keypads 

Most people don’t think twice about light switches, but when there are too many on a wall, that’s what we call “wall acne.” Unfortunately, many homes have far too many switches in each room, causing confusion about which switch belongs to each light. 

You can do away with lighting switches completely with a lighting control system like Lutron. Instead, you’ll replace them with Lutron’s aesthetically-pleasing wall keypads that offer customized buttons like “Morning,” “Evening,” “Party,” or whatever you desire! It will adjust the lights to the perfect setting. With help from an integrator like Video General, we can update your wall keypad controls anytime—and you can make adjustments right from the Lutron app

Create Dynamic Lighting Designs 

Before lighting control, homeowners could only turn lights on or off. Sure, you may own dimmers, but you’re still stuck with the hue and color temperature of whatever bulb is screwed in. 

This all changes when you own a lighting control system. You can select any color or shade of white imaginable and set brightness levels with pinpoint precision. Then you’ll save your favorite lighting settings to relive over and over. So if you create the perfect lighting scene to read before bed, save it and activate it every night! 

Make Artwork & Furniture Pop 

Lighting is a powerful tool, and when you fine-tune the color temperature of your lights, you enhance the way artwork, furniture, wallpaper, and any interior colors appear. Pull out the reds in the painting on the wall, or draw attention to your green retro wallpaper. As you experiment with color settings, you’ll discover how lighting control can enhance even the most plain spaces. 

Change the Atmosphere Anytime 

Your dining room may look like a regular dining room by day. But when you’re hosting friends and family, you can transform it into a sultry nightlife lounge with moody lighting. When it’s time for holiday celebrations, you’ll create a jolly, jubilant space with warm, cheery lighting and festive colors. Lighting control allows you to change the mood any time; watch as it transforms your get-togethers and daily activities! You won’t even need new decorations. 


Are you ready to enhance your home spaces with intelligent lighting control? Video General is a home technology integrator based in the Westlake area. Contact us here to get started or learn more today!