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Streamline Your Life with a Smart Lighting Control System

Experience Unparalleled Convenience and Reduce Your Electricity Bill with Smart Lighting

Streamline Your Life with a Smart Lighting Control System

Picture this: You’re rushing out the door to make it to the airport in time to catch your plane to your next vacation destination. In the car, you go over everything you might’ve missed in your head: you locked the doors, lowered the shades… Oh no! You forgot to turn the lights off! 

With a smart lighting control system, all you’d have to do is pull out your smartphone and tap a button to remedy this. Crisis averted! Read on to learn more reasons why you should consider smart lighting control for your Colleyville, TX, home.

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The Many Benefits of a Smart Lighting Control System

The ability to turn your lights on and off from anywhere is a primary benefit of smart lighting, but far from the only one. Here are some more.

1. Lower Energy Use

There are two ways smart lighting systems work to help reduce your energy consumption. Firstly, smart lights use much less electricity than your standard incandescent bulbs. Secondly, a smart lighting system offers higher control, helping homeowners reduce energy waste. For example, forgetting to turn the lights off when you leave a room will be a thing of the past—your system will be able to detect if there’s no one in the room and turn off automatically, decreasing energy use and making the Earth a little bit greener.

2. Lower Energy Costs

Of course, all the energy you save from smart lighting control reduces your bill! It can add up over time, little by little, to give you significant savings.

3. Customizable Light Settings

From creating custom schedules for different areas of your home to setting up mood lighting, a smart lighting system offers customization features you can only dream of with standard lighting. Light the living room with bright blues and pinks for a stylish party, or add warm yellows and oranges to the bedroom for a cozy night in. The choice is yours!

4. Several Control Options

Most modern lighting control systems offer more than one control option for more convenience. Use a dedicated touchscreen, sleek wall mounts, your mobile device, and even voice control to change your lights. 

5. Fosters a Safer Home

Smart lighting systems can work with security technology like motion detection, video surveillance, and alarm systems to detect any potential threats and send instant alerts to your mobile. The lights will turn on to scare away the criminal as your other systems send you alerts. This enables you to take appropriate action immediately and helps keep your home and belongings safe.

Experience the Benefits of Smart Lighting Control with Video General

Experience these and many more benefits of smart lighting with Video General, your reliable home automation partner in Colleyville, TX. Call us today at (817) 640-5321 or use our online contact form to take the first step toward implementing a smart lighting control system.