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Manage Your Home’s Window Coverings Effortlessly with Automated Control

Automatic Shading Offers One-Touch, Voice, and Hands-Free Control

Manage Your Home’s Window Coverings Effortlessly with Automated Control

Whether you're just entering the sphere of smart devices and home automation or are considering going all out with a complete smart home makeover, one of the solutions clients love is automatic shading

Compared to manual window coverings, the difference is dramatic. Instead of manually raising or lowering the shades as the sunlight peers through the windows or night descends, smart shades raise and lower with one touch of a button. You can control all of the shades in your home simultaneously, or in just one room, with a touchscreen, mobile device, or in-wall keypad. The sight of custom shades raising and lowering in perfect unison adds beauty and elegance to your home. 

Automatic shading, however, offers much more than elegant control. These shades can automatically raise and lower throughout the day with no effort on your part. Our certified technicians can program them based on the time of day, season, and your daily activities. Let’s explore how these shades are transforming homes in Southlake, TX.

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Automated Programming Based on the Sun’s Position

These shades can rise and lower based on the position of the sun. For example, in windows that receive direct sunlight, we can program them to lower as the sun rises higher in the sky. This reduces solar heat gain and the UV rays that can damage flooring, furniture, and fine art.

Keep in mind that these window coverings come in numerous styles, hundreds of fabrics, and varying opacities. You can opt for sheer fabrics that allow you to retain your beautiful views while minimizing harmful direct sunlight or translucent shades that allow some light to filter through while maintaining your privacy. Room darkening shades block any light and are ideal for media rooms and bedrooms. 

Automatic Adjustments Based on the Time of Day

Would you like to wake in the morning with shades slowly rising, letting in the first morning light? When night settles in, do you want your shades lowered for complete privacy? 

Some of our clients keep the shades raised on the windows facing their backyard, so they can enjoy their beautiful landscape lighting in the evening. Other clients never want to miss a sunset, so we program west-facing window shades to remain open until after the sun goes down. 

Preset Scenes for All-in-One Control

You can control multiple systems with one touch when integrated with your home automation platform. For example, tap the "Good Night" button when it's time for bed, and your smart home goes to sleep, lowering all the shades, turning off the lights, locking the doors, and arming the alarm.


At Video General, we’ve been providing our clients with the latest technology that turns their smart home dreams into reality, making managing their homes effortless and enjoyable. To learn about automatic shading solutions or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Video General today.