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Looking for the Best in Outdoor Entertainment?

Meet the Amazing Cast Behind Your Next Outdoor Entertainment System

Looking for the Best in Outdoor Entertainment?

What makes a great outdoor entertainment system? It depends on what you are looking for and the spaces and features around your yard. 

At Video General, we work with homeowners and design professionals to create the best and smartest outdoor entertainment systems in Southlake, TX.

In this article, we explore the technology systems and smart devices that will make your next outdoor entertainment system an unforgettable, immersive experience. 

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Video Outside as It Is Inside

When watching movies in your home theater, every aspect of the room is just right. With the lights off, the shades rolled down, and acoustic panels installed on every wall, AV systems have it easy! The same isn’t true for outdoor spaces, where direct light, extreme brightness, and glare are all potential issues. That’s why the first actor in your backyard entertainment system should be a TV built for the outdoors!

Among our dozens of industry partners, and hundreds of brands across the world, none do outdoor TVs like Seura. Engineered to withstand the elements and deliver crisp colors and a glare-free viewing experience, you can’t go wrong with Seura.

Audio Across the Whole Yard

With the TV set, our next goal is to find an audio system to match. In covered spaces, we can rely on hidden in-wall and in-ceiling speakers similar to those installed indoors, but what about the rest of the yard? 

For a truly immersive listening experience, we turn to Coastal Source, the industry standard in outdoor audio systems. Depending on your yard, we may use any of a number of Coastal Source speakers, each one designed to deliver high-quality sound in a different way. For example, 2-Way, 3-Way, and Line Source speakers use large diagonal drivers, ideal for distributing sound across large, open spaces. On the other hand, Modulus Bullet speakers project a more focused directional sound, perfect for those quiet spots hidden around the backyard. 

Outdoor Lighting for Every Mood

Lighting is the final key player in your next outdoor entertainment system, setting the mood near the TV, in large, open areas, and even in the most distant, hidden nooks elsewhere in the yard. From uplights, downlights, and canopy lights designed to enhance trees large and small to pathlights that will guide guests across outdoor spaces, Coastal Source is also the leading choice in landscape lighting solutions

By integrating and automating video, audio, and lighting control, your outdoor entertainment will be just one screen tap away. Contact us today, and we may still be in time to have everything ready for you by the summer!