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Lighting Automation Offers Effortless Control & Beauty

Let Your Smart Home Manage Your Lighting

Lighting Automation Offers Effortless Control & Beauty

According to Business Insider, traditional light switches may become an artifact, a reminder of an ancient time when people used to turn their lights on by flipping a switch in every room. What are these light switches being replaced with? Smart lighting control and voice-activated assistants. 

One day, the younger generation will exhibit blank stares at the mention of light switches, along with landline phones, floppy disks, and transistor radios. They will live in a world where light is controlled with one touch on an in-wall keypad, a touchscreen, or a remote. For many, that day is already here, and it’s called smart lighting automation

Lighting automation offers even greater benefits and ease of living. As the name implies, automated lights respond automatically with no effort on your part. Thanks to scheduled events, sensors, geo-fencing, and GPS, your lights transform around you and your home prepares itself for you in advance.

Let’s explore our future and the world those seeking a life of luxury live in now.

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Scheduled Events

At Video General, we partner with Lutron, the industry leader in lighting control. Their system offers Sunset Tracker, enabling us to program certain lights to turn on at dusk, so an illuminated path and entryway lights always greet you and your family. Because this system is based on the sun's position, you never need to worry about changing it as the seasons' change and the days grow longer or shorter.

We can also program certain lights to illuminate in the morning, slowly brightening to the color and intensity of the morning sun. Called tunable or natural lighting, this lighting mirrors the color of changing daylight, transforming to bright-blue-toned lights midday and soft, warm colors in the evening.


The system uses GPS to ensure the lights are on when you arrive home in the evening and off when you leave for the day. Also called geofencing, it triggers an action when a device, such as a smartphone, enters or leaves a set location. 


Our project managers spend time getting to know your lifestyle, which then helps us customize your system, aligning it with the activities and moods that mean the most to you. Thanks to full-spectrum LED lighting, you can set the mood for any event, changing the lights to millions of different colors. 

Popular scenes include "Outdoor Dining," “Entertaining,” “Movie Night,” and "Dinner." Tap the button or icon, and the lighting transforms to set the mood for each occasion.


Daylight is integral to your home's lighting, providing warmth, beauty, and numerous health benefits. Like most good things in life, however, there is such a thing as too much. Direct sunlight can damage wooden floors, carpets, furniture, fine art, and photographs, causing discoloration and fading. 

That’s where Lutron’s motorized window coverings come in. We can program these exquisite window treatments to lower when direct sunlight hits strategically installed sensors. As the shades lower, your lights brighten, maintaining the perfect light in occupied rooms. 

Are you ready to enhance the way you illuminate your home? To learn more about lighting automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Video General today.