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How to Tackle the Texas Heat with Smart Home Technology

Smart Thermostats, Motorized Shading & Other Ways to Keep Cool

How to Tackle the Texas Heat with Smart Home Technology

It’s summertime in Texas. Are you melting yet? By the time the sun rises, we’re reaching triple digits this season. Are you looking for ways to beat the heat while saving energy? Maybe it’s time to upgrade the way you cool your house.

Smart home technology is changing the way homeowners cool their houses. Read on to learn how smart thermostats and other solutions can keep your Colleyville, TX home cooler this season!

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Smart Thermostats

There’s a reason homeowners make the switch to smart thermostats. A smart thermostat can follow your schedule to keep your home cool only when you need it to be. Leave the house and forget to turn off the AC? Your house will do it for you. And if you use a model like ELAN’s, it can follow up to ten schedules!

We connect smart thermostats to the internet either by wires or wirelessly, and once connected, they will know the outside air temperature and can adjust your central air system accordingly. You can also control your smart thermostat remotely, so if you’re about to head home you can cool your house, so it’s ready for your arrival.

Remote Temperature Sensors

The problem with home thermostats is that they can only measure the temperature of the rooms they’re installed in. That’s why remote temperature sensors are the perfect accessory to your home’s HVAC system.

Mounted flush to the wall, temperature sensors will communicate with your thermostat and tell it the temperature in other rooms. So if your bedroom is hotter than the hallway where the thermostat lives, it will know to send cooler air to the bedroom.

Motorized Shades

Through the same smart home system that connects to your thermostats and temperature sensors, you can also program motorized shades to lower just as the sun strikes your windows. That way, you’ll block UV rays from filtering into the room, keeping the space dark and cool. You may not need to crank the AC down a degree or two when rooms are insulated from the sun. And when it’s time to let natural light back in again? Raise your shades with a press of a button.

Automated Fans

In a smart home, fans can also be automated and remotely controlled! Your smart home system app tells your house’s fans to activate at specific times of day or turn on when rooms become too hot.

Would you like to learn more about smart home technology? Video General installs custom home systems that automate HVAC, lighting, audio, video and more.

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