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How About Them Amazing Motorized Shades?

The Added Value, Comfort & Efficiency that Motorized Shades Bring to Any Smart Home

How About Them Amazing Motorized Shades?

When thinking about smart homes, the first images that come to mind are of top-shelf AV systems, sophisticated tunable lights, and cameras featuring the latest artificial intelligence. Sure, we do all of that in smart homes, but one smart feature our Keller, TX clients sometimes overlook is motorized shades! Read on to explore how motorized shades add value, comfort, and efficiency to your smart home, all while enhancing the character of each individual room. 

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Beauty & Convenience

Lutron is the global leader in motorized window treatments, offering a combination of industry-leading engineering and an unparalleled degree of customization in all their shades. With hundreds of designer fabrics to choose from, you are bound to find a style that will match your existing decor! 

No matter how many rooms you have, we can program your shades to work in unison, keeping them aligned inside each room or across the entire house. Whether in a hard-wired system or a series of interconnected battery-operated shades, they will seamlessly raise, lower, open, or close to easily manage natural light in every space. 

Efficiency & Integration

By integrating shades with other technology systems, we can enhance the efficiency and performance of your smart home. For example, a professional home theater installation is all about creating a cinematic experience that wouldn't be complete without perfect lighting. Installing and automating smart shades to work with lights and AV systems is therefore of the utmost importance! 

Elsewhere at home, setting up the shades and lights to work in unison with a smart thermostat creates a highly efficient climate control system. How so? We can program the shades to roll down and the lights to dim any time a specific temperature is reached or to operate on a schedule based on exterior light conditions. 

A Top-of-the-Line Example

Not only are motorized shades incredibly convenient, but they can also add class and style to your home decor. An excellent example of this is Lutron's top-of-the-line Palladiom shading line. Designed to be seen, Palladiom shades come with exposed aluminum brackets and fabric choices ranging from opaque to translucent. The Palladiom line of elegant, programmable, backlit keypads is the ultimate in lighting and shading control, replacing mundane switches and dimmers. Offering the same benefits as all other Lutron products, Palladiom is the perfect combination of top-shelf engineering, design, and performance that delivers the best in motorized shading solutions. 

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