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How A Professional Home Network Setup Will Improve Your Life

Make attending online school and working from home simple with a reliable connection

How A Professional Home Network Setup Will Improve Your Life

Your home network is the backbone of your smart home. It becomes even more important every time you add a new smart device such as a smart TV, lighting control system, security components, smart appliances, and more. It might be time to upgrade to the latest network technology to ensure that your internet connection is reliable, can support all of your devices, is completely secure, and offers stellar performance. Read on to learn how a professional home network setup will create a stable foundation for working from home, attending online classes, streaming 4K content, and more in your Colleyville, TX home.


The Importance of a Home Network

More people are working from home than ever as a result of COVID-19. Some companies are moving back to the office, but many are moving to a permanent work from home model due to the reduction of operation costs and travel time. Video conferencing, telecommunications, and conference calls with clients and coworkers alike have become an important part of our everyday lives. Having a robust home network is essential for completing tasks and communicating seamlessly.

And you use your home network for much more. Your family members probably relax by watching their favorite movies and TV shows. Many entertainment companies are even releasing films straight to streaming services, skipping the commercial theater. For your family to fully enjoy their home entertainment, you need a home network that can support 4K streaming without buffering.

Finally, if you use smart devices or have a home automation system, you need a reliable home network to enjoy the convenience and flexibility of an enhanced lifestyle fully. Video General Inc. will work with you to create a home network design that considers which technologies need to be connected to the internet and whether wired or wireless connections work better. As a result, everything from your home entertainment system, lights, shades, security system, media services, smart thermostat, and more will work seamlessly.

A Professional-Grade Home Networking System

If you are having dead spots and slow speeds when you attend work virtually or when you stream 4K content, it might be time for a new home network system. We are using more large volumes of data at home, and your family needs a solution that will ensure reliable connection and speed no matter what you are doing online. 

Video General Inc. installs enterprise-grade home networking solutions from brands such as UniFi to provide robust wired and wireless coverage for properties of any size. Our routers and switches offer higher-level performance than out-of-the-box equipment for better capacity and security. We will meet with you to discuss your home network needs, then complete an on-site evaluation to determine the best locations for access points and potential dead zones. Our installations are custom designed for optimal performance and connection.

If you are ready to upgrade your home networking equipment, Video General Inc. is here to help! Schedule a free consultation with us by giving us a call or filling out our online contact form. We would love to hear from you!

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