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Home Automation Creates Unprecedented Ease of Living

Is Your Smart Home Genuinely Smart?

Home Automation Creates Unprecedented Ease of Living

A smart home can do some remarkable things. When you walk in the door after a long day with your hands full of groceries, you can ask your voice assistant to turn on the lights. In fact, while they’re at it, they can also turn on your “Welcome Home” playlist and adjust the thermostat. 

When it's time for dinner, you tap an in-wall keypad, and the kitchen lights dim while the lights in the dining room transform to the color of candlelight. Soft jazz streams through your home via architectural speakers, and your shades lower for privacy. When it's time for bed, you tap the "Good Night" icon on a bedside touchscreen, and the lights and AV equipment turn off, the doors lock, and the alarm arms. Pretty remarkable.

But the “automation” in home automation refers to the tasks your home performs with no effort on your part, preparing itself for you in advance. At Video General, we get to know your lifestyle and daily activities and program automated processes that enhance your everyday life. 

Now that’s a smart home.

Let’s explore how the latest technology is transforming homes in Colleyville, TX, creating the ultimate in luxury and convenience.

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Programming By Schedules

As Edgar Rice Burroughs said, “We are, all of us, creatures of habit…” These habits or daily routines have been shown to reduce stress, improve sleep patterns, and give us more time to play. 

Despite these routines, our lives are still filled with seemingly insignificant decisions we make from moment to moment. We wake in the morning and wonder if we should hit the snooze button. Should we enjoy breakfast on the patio or in the kitchen, where we can watch the morning news? Do we want to open the shades or leave them closed? And so it goes, from the first daylight until we close our eyes. 

But what if our home was set to a schedule that automatically performed these tasks, setting the perfect environment for the many activities in a day. Now, our “Inspiring” playlist wakes us with music barely heard and slowly increasing in volume. Our shades rise to let in the beauty of the first morning light. 

In the exercise room, the TV displays our favorite workout video, and the temperature is adjusted for comfort. The sauna’s preheated, and the towel racks are warm. When we head to the kitchen, our coffee's made, and the morning news is on. We may not have felt like exercising, but our home suggested otherwise. 

Programming By Location

Thanks to sensors and geofencing, your smart home knows when you’ve arrived after a long day. When you pull into the driveway in the evening, the landscape and first floor lights automatically illuminate. The doors unlock, the temperature adjusts, the lighting resembles the setting sun, and the “Time to Relax” playlist streams through your home

Are you ready to explore the possibilities of home automation? We've only scratched the surface. To learn more about smart homes or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Video General today.