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Get the Best Lighting for Nighttime & Sleep with Lutron

With Lutron, Lights Automatically Adjust for Cozy Evenings

Get the Best Lighting for Nighttime & Sleep with Lutron

Have you ever screwed in a new lightbulb, only to find it was much too harsh and bright—or the reverse? Too warm and sleepy for the home office?

Light bulbs come in all shades of white, and sometimes they aren’t appropriate for various times of day. Light dimmers can improve the atmosphere, but if you’re using cool-toned bulbs, dimming won’t make them feel any cozier. 

Luckily, when you have a smart Lutron lighting system in your Southlake, TX house, you can enjoy both cool and warm lighting. Your LED lights will be automated to adjust on their own throughout the day. In the morning, lights appear brighter and cool, gradually warming and dimming by bedtime. 

In this article, we’ll dive into how lighting temperature can affect our moods, and by automating your lights, you’ll create a more comfortable bedtime routine. 

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How Lighting Affects Mental Health & Sleep 

Before electricity, people’s daily routines more closely followed the sun. Today, our internal clocks still rely on cues from the sky, telling us when to feel alert, hungry, and tired. In fact, bright blue-white light that appears during daytime triggers serotonin production in our brains, so we feel more energized and aware. Warm lighting, like candlelight or sunset, activates melatonin so we sleep soundly. 

But when we spend most of our days indoors, our circadian rhythms can become disrupted. For example, if during the day we’re under lights that are too warm or dim, we’ll feel more groggy. And at night, icy-white lights may inspire anxiety and discomfort. An unbalanced circadian rhythm can tamper with our sleep and, over a long period, increases the risk of depression, diabetes, and cancer. 

Feeling relaxed and getting enough sleep is essential to health! Luckily, new technology from Lutron is helping people live better through lighting. 

Tunable Lighting: A New Way to Illuminate Your Home 

Lighting manufacturer Lutron is transforming how Texans brighten their homes. When you own a Lutron system, all your lights are synced to the same central controller. Through the Lutron interface on your phone or tablet, you can tell your lights to follow the sun’s patterns and adjust the brightness and color temperature

When you wake in the morning, the smart system will brighten your lights to a cool hue without any input required from you. Lights will gradually warm in the afternoon until they resemble a fireplace or candlelight at night.

With comfier, cozier lighting at night, you’ll feel more relaxed and at ease. And once you’re tucked in bed, you can tap the Lutron app or wall keypad to turn off lights across the room.  

What Else Can Lutron Do? 

A Lutron system can do much more than adjust lights to warm or cool shades of white. You can activate the entire house (and outside, too!) through a single command. Custom lighting scenes like “Dinner” or “Party” will adjust your LED lights and window shades to your favorite setting. And you don’t have to be tethered to your phone. Lutron’s personalized wall keypads replace standard light switches, and voice control gives you hands-off access to the entire system. 


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