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Exploring the Magic of Lutron Lighting

Creating the Perfect Lighting at All Times

Exploring the Magic of Lutron Lighting

Consider how lighting affects your daily life in countless ways. From the moment you wake until you retire, the natural light of the sun, the lights throughout your home, and those that illuminate your outdoor areas at night transform your everyday experience. Can you imagine your life without the light that leads you through the dark and brings beauty to your day? 

If you’re still managing this all-important element with switches and dimmers, you owe it to yourself to embrace the incredible options in today’s smart home living. A Lutron lighting system creates the perfect light for every activity, from relaxing to entertaining. We can even program your system so you never miss another beautiful sunset in your Southlake, TX, home. 

Let's explore the remarkable technological changes that make managing your home's lighting effortless. 

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The Perfect Lighting

You walk into your home and see filtered sunlight softly streaming through the windows. In a corner that’s normally dark and set in shadows, lights create the gentle glow of golden candlelight. You wake to sunlight as the shades slowly open and lights set to the hue of the early dawn. Throughout the day, your lighting transforms, recreating the changing color of daylight. 

When you return from work, the landscape and entryway lights automatically illuminate, welcoming you home. Before the sun reaches the horizon, your west-facing shades open, allowing you to enjoy the gift of another beautiful sunset. When it’s time for bed, you tap a button, and all the lights turn off as every shade lowers. 

A Lutron lighting system provides the perfect illumination at all times. While some clients want to learn about the remarkable technology behind this system, others just want to relish the captivating experience that verges on fantastical and is nothing short of extraordinary.

Creating a Greener Home

Your lighting system also supports an environmentally friendly home, reducing energy consumption by using daylight, sensors, and climate control. Sheer shades filter the diffuse light of the early morning sun, reducing the need for electric light. 

When direct sunlight beams through south-facing windows, bringing the heat of the mid-day sun indoors, your shades adjust, lowering to protect the interior of your home and reduce solar heat gain. In response, the temperature adjusts, and the lights brighten in occupied rooms, maintaining the ideal environment. 

When someone leaves a room or the home for the day and forgets to turn the lights off, your smart home does it for you. Did you forget to close the shades and raise the thermostat when you rushed out in the morning? No matter where you are, you can pull up your Lutron system on an app and close every shade, adjust one or every light, and set the temperature.

Working with Experts

As hard as it is to imagine, these descriptions represent a mere tip of the iceberg of the capabilities of a Lutron lighting system. At Video General, we've delighted our clients for over 25 years, creating customized automated lighting systems that enhance their everyday living. To learn more about Lutron lighting solutions or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Video General today.