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Experience High-Performance Sound Everywhere with Whole-Home Audio

Enjoy Music, Movies, Games, and Podcasts from the Same System

Experience High-Performance Sound Everywhere with Whole-Home Audio

Imagine slowly waking to the soft sound of a mountain stream or waves breaking along a shoreline. For the enterprising go-getter, you may enjoy jumping out of bed, inspired by your “Good Morning!” playlist streaming through your home and outdoor areas. You head to the pool for your morning laps, energized by the Zac Brown Band playing through underwater speakers. When you enter the kitchen to start your day, your favorite newscaster is on TV, reporting world events. 

All these sounds and more come from your whole-home audio system. Are you ready to experience high-performance sound everywhere and anywhere on your Colleyville, TX property? Let’s explore the makings of a whole-home or distributed audio system.

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The Ultimate in Entertainment

At Video General, we partner with best-in-class manufacturers in home automation, audio, and video. For luxury smart homes, that brand is ELAN. With one tap on a touchscreen or remote, you can control all of your audio and video devices, including your home theater, outdoor speakers, and every room in your home. Choose the audio source and the room or your entire home, and it’s done.

IP-Enabled Audio Distribution

ELAN’s IP-Enabled Audio Distribution system offers advanced multi-room audio that leverages Dante audio networking technology. This industry-leader audio-over IP platform is used in professional recording studios, concert tours, stadiums, and broadcast studios. 

And now, it's available for your home. 

Instead of using AV connections throughout your property, the whole-home audio system uses the Ethernet network that already exists in your home. This offers uncompressed, lossless digital audio with near-zero latency, eliminating analog noise and providing crystal-clear high-performance sound throughout your property.

The sound comes through nearly invisible in-wall, in-ceiling, and satellite landscape speakers strategically installed and calibrated throughout your home and outdoor areas. Of course, we’re also happy to integrate the beautifully-designed tower loudspeakers for audiophiles who’ve invested in the ultimate in sound reproduction. 

You can enjoy streaming playlists from lossless music streaming services like TIDAL, Amazon Music HD, Deezer, or Qobuz. Another family member may listen to their vinyl collection while someone else is tuning into their favorite podcast. Now, you can enjoy every audio source in any room at any time.

An Integrated Solution

With ELAN, you can centrally control your entertainment, security, HVAC, lighting, pool and spa, irrigation, gates, and garage doors with just a few swipes or touches. We can also program scenes that manage multiple systems at once. At the end of the day, return to a home that's prepared the perfect environment, setting the temperature, heating the spa, illuminating the landscape lights, and streaming your "Relaxing" playlist through your home and yard—a life of luxury. 

At Video General, every system is custom designed and tailored to you and your family's specific needs, dreams, and lifestyle. To learn more about whole-home audio and home automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Video General today.