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Elan Home Automation Offers Customizable Integrated Solutions

Luxury Homeowners and Builders Turn to Elan for Their Home Automation Needs

Elan Home Automation Offers Customizable Integrated Solutions

Elan has long been known for intelligent touch panels that offer ease of use and simplify daily routine tasks in luxury homes and estates. Due to its customizable programming, more consumers and builders have chosen Elan home automation for their connected, technical solutions in Keller, TX.

Let’s look at what Elan offers. 

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Elan’s Capabilities for Large Estates

One of the reasons this smart home automation system draws in large businesses and estates is its ability to control everything. “Everything” includes over 250 lighting devices, 32-plus thermostats, and over 16 cameras, door locks, garage doors, and gates. 

The system also controls expansive landscapes, fountains, pools, and spas. Elan also integrates with third-party operators, like Lutron, Marantz, Roku, and many others. 

A Comprehensive Solution

Elan can, in essence, control almost any electrical item in your home or project. In the hands of certified technicians that understand Elan’s comprehensive programming, a single button can be programmed to perform multiple functions. 

An "I'm Home" button could heat the spa, ignite the outdoor gas firepit, turn the landscape lights on in golden undertones, highlight waterfalls and outdoor features in shimmering arctic blue, start playing your “I’m Home” playlist from your whole home audio system, turn on the underwater speakers in the pool, and set the wine chiller to a cool 50°F. 

While that may seem a little over-the-top, there’s a good chance that it will, one day, be a commonplace occurrence, with more homeowners and buyers looking for this seamless automated control. 

Sleek User Interface

Elan controls each device, how they interact, what they should do, and when they do it. This type of control requires a sleek user interface that is easy to operate and is compatible with your favorite devices. 

Whether managing your home from the backyard, your business, or the other side of the world, all interfaces look and feel the same from a touchscreen, smartphone, tablet, or computer. Touch the appropriate icon from the main screen, whether security, audio-video, pool and spa, irrigation, climate, shades and lighting, or intercom controls. 

Select the AV tab, and you view a selection of rooms. Pick a room, and then choose what you want to see and hear. From this one interface, each family member can control what they are viewing, listening to, the source, and the volume. 

One family member may select the music tab and then choose Pandora. Another may opt for TV viewing in the media room and choose Netflix. Still, another may enjoy gardening in the backyard while listening to their favorite perennial gardener podcast.

Programmed Control

Another feature homeowners love is the ability to program certain features based on activities or time of day. For instance, lights that resemble a soft candlelight glow illuminate the front walkway and foyer after sunset. When the alarm is armed, all doors lock, blinds close, and the solar pool and spa covers close.