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Change The Way You Experience Football With These Home AV Upgrades

Make your Game Day party one to remember with stunning audio video technology

Change The Way You Experience Football With These Home AV Upgrades

The weather is cooling off, and football season is quickly approaching! Texans across the state are preparing for Friday nights at the high school stadium and weekends at home watching the professionals on the big screen. If you are planning to host game day parties this fall, now is the perfect time to upgrade your home entertainment system. Read on to learn three home AV upgrades you need before football season starts in Southlake, TX.


Upgrade Your TV

Upgrading your TV is one of the best ways to improve your viewing experience, but you might be wondering whether to get an LED or OLED TV. 

First, keep in mind that sports require bright and vivid colors. OLEDs have the darkest darks and are the best for watching sports. While LED pixels are powered by groups of lights, each pixel of OLED lights up independently, meaning that it has quicker response times and absolute blacks. Next, two of the most important features to consider when watching the fast action in sports are Refresh Rate and Response Time, which manage the TV's ability to capture every little detail of prompt action without any motion blur. Response time measures how quickly a TV pixel changes colors; quicker response time means finer detail and less motion blur. OLED TVs usually have the fastest response times, as each pixel is powered individually and can turn on and off completely. 

Finally, keep in mind that many people watch sports with large groups of people. Make every view the best view in the house with a TV with good viewing angles. A viewing angle of 0 degrees is standing in front of the TV, while a viewing angle of 90 degrees is standing directly next to the TV. The wider the viewing angle, the more people can enjoy an optimal viewing experience. The best screen technology for wide viewing angles is OLED, meaning that all your friends can come and enjoy your game day party!

Distributed Home Entertainment

Everyone in your family has different tastes when it comes to what to watch on TV. Maybe your spouse is a Longhorns fan, while you prefer watching professional teams like the Dallas Cowboys. Or maybe your family isn't as interested in football as you are and would rather watch the latest hit series on Netflix. There is no need to fight over the remote when everyone wants to watch TV—Video General Inc. can expand your entertainment options with a system that lets you enjoy movies, games, and more in any room of your home

You can use the media room to watch past Super Bowls with the NFL Game Pass while the kids watch Disney movies in the family room, and your spouse watches Netflix in your bedroom. No matter how many televisions you install throughout your home or how many content services that you have, we can install a system that centralizes all your electronic components into one system. All your audio-video systems will respond with a simple tap of a button. Plus, adjust your lights, shades, climate, security system, and more with your mobile device!

Video Tiling

Host the perfect game day party by transforming your TV into multiple TVs, bringing every game onto one screen. Savant home automation systems offer SmartView Tiling, a program that displays multiple windows onto a single television. Instead of debating which game to watch and checking the scores for the other games on your phone, all the action is in one place! Control which channel's audio you listen to, maximize a certain window using pinch and zoom gestures on your tablet, and quickly pull up saved configurations for later use. And the different screens aren’t limited to the same video source. The technology allows users to switch between multiple components in multiple display layouts, such as cable, satellite, game consoles, or streaming devices. So if you and your friends want to get in on the action, pull up Madden and one of the screens and play a football game of your own while watching your Sunday night football. 

Are you ready to upgrade your home AV equipment for football season? Video General Inc. is here to help! Call us at (817) 640-5321 x 202 or fill out our online contact form here.

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