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Boost Your Outdoor Entertainment With Coastal Source

Create the Perfect Ambiance in Your Outdoor Spaces With High-Performance Sound

Boost Your Outdoor Entertainment With Coastal Source

Coastal Source is one of the industry leaders when it comes to outdoor entertainment.  Whether you want speakers to listen to your favorite tunes while barbecuing or need lighting solutions for your backyard, Coastal Source can help. Creating an entertainment space that meets your expectations shouldn't be difficult. Read on to find out how an outdoor entertainment system from Coastal Source will turn your outdoor spaces in Southlake, TX, into the perfect place to entertain. 



For an entertainment system to be complete, you need speakers that bring you unparalleled audio. Coastal Source offers the best outdoor speakers that produce high-quality sound throughout your yard. From in-ground subwoofers to landscape speakers, a Coastal Source audio system guarantees a sound experience like no other. 

These speakers are designed for outdoor use, so you don't have to worry about keeping them outside year round. Coastal Source speakers can withstand harsh winds, dust, rain and other outdoor elements without compromising their high fidelity. In addition, these speakers will blend seamlessly into the surrounding environment. 

Since Coastal Source can easily connect with indoor sources, so you’ll have access to all your favorite music. This plug-and-play cabling system also makes it easier to add new speakers if you ever want to expand your audio system. 


Combine Coastal Source speakers with their equally robust lighting fixtures. With a wide range to choose from, you’ll be able to create a layered landscape lighting design that not only provides safety and illumination, but lets you highlight your favorite architectural features as well. Incorporate bullet lights, path lights, niche lights, wash lights and more according to your property’s needs. 


In addition to providing you with hours of entertainment, your audio system will also make home entertainment easier because you can integrate it with your home automation system. Easily control everything from a single device. Now, you can adjust lighting scenes, audio, and video and even check your smart security system without using many annoying devices to perform each action. Instead, from a single device, merge all of your systems to operate together to bring you hours of entertainment without the hassle. 

At Video General Inc., we know Coastal Source outdoor sound systems inside out. We will help you design the ultimate solution to your outdoor entertainment needs!


Are you ready to add an outdoor entertainment system to your Southlake, TX home? Get in touch or fill out our online contact form for more details or schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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