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3 Ways to Incorporate High-End Audio in Your Home

Fill Your Entire Home With Premium Audio From Bowers and Wilkins

3 Ways to Incorporate High-End Audio in Your Home

Whether you’re a casual listener or a true audiophile, you’ve probably felt the frustration of hearing poor-quality audio. It distorts the sound, making the music less impactful. When you listen to music, you want to hear the song as the artist intended it with all the clear highs and deep lows. So when designing your home entertainment setup, ensure you choose premium speakers from companies like Bowers and Wilkins. Keep reading to see how you can incorporate high end audio into your Southlake, TX, home. 

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1. Media Room

Your media room is the heart of your home entertainment. Whether it’s a dedicated home theater or multipurpose media room, you’ll want to incorporate high-fidelity audio. Bowers and Wilkins loudspeakers would make a great addition to any media room with their Hi-Fi audio and bold design. 

For a home theater or any room you want to incorporate surround sound in, Bowers and Wilkins has several lines of high-end speakers suitable for both music and immersive surround sound. The 700 Series includes tower speakers, center channels, bookshelves, and subwoofers all perfectly matched for a hi-fi experience with all your entertainment. 

2. Multi-Room Music

With Bowers and Wilkins integrated solutions, you can experience high-fidelity audio throughout your entire home. These in-wall and in-ceiling solutions are installed evenly throughout your space so every corner is filled with your favorite music. Your speakers can integrate with your home automation system so all you need to do is select the room you want to play music in and choose your favorite artist or playlist. Then you’ll get premium audio that you can hear, but not see.

3. Outdoor Entertainment

Premium audio isn’t just for the inside of the house. With the AM-1 speaker, you can listen to high-fidelity audio in your backyard and patio. The AM-1 speaker is built to withstand all kinds of weather, from extreme temperatures to pouring rain. So no matter what the weather does, you’ll always have top-notch audio at your fingertips.

The AM-1 outdoor speaker can be installed directly onto the walls outside your home to create an even audio experience in your patio and backyard. Just like your integrated speakers, you can control your outdoor speakers with your home automation platform and whole-home audio system. For truly luxurious outdoor entertainment, these speakers can even integrate with an outdoor TV for an outdoor surround sound experience.

Are you ready to experience high-end audio in your Southlake, TX, home? Contact Video General today! Our team can help you decide on the solutions you like and find the technology that suits your needs. With the best brands like Bowers and Wilkins, we can bring stellar audio experiences to your home.