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2 Must-Have Home Media Room Upgrades

Make your Westlake home the envy of your friends with breathtaking audio video technology

2 Must-Have Home Media Room Upgrades

While dedicated home theaters often steal the show when it comes to home entertainment, media rooms should not be overlooked. They offer more versatility than home theaters while still delivering a stellar audio-video experience. For example, you can install blackout shades to eliminate natural light that causes glare, an ambient light-rejecting screen for high brightness environments, or a customized surround sound system to become immersed in your favorite movies and TV shows. But there is more to upgrading your home audio-video system than just that! If you want to turn your living spaces into a home entertainment destination, our team can help you select technologies to ensure a superior experience. Keep reading to learn two ways you can upgrade your home media room in Westlake, TX.


Upgrade Your Home Network

Most people have gotten rid of their Blu-Ray and DVD collections in favor of streaming services that bring all of their favorite movies and TV shows to their screen with just the tap of a button. While switching to digital content adds convenience to your lifestyle and frees up space, it also can increase the strain on your home network. If you want to watch a crisp 4K video, you need a home network you can rely on that supports certain network speeds without buffering your content. 

If you plan to stream content at multiple displays at once, such as when you watch Netflix while your spouse watches the news in another room, this is even more important. The best way to ensure a robust home network is to work with the experts on your installation. Our technicians will come onsite to carefully evaluate the layout of your home, your router, your cabling, and other devices to ensure that your network has enough speed to support seamless viewing.

Conceal Your Audio and Video Components

Your interior design doesn’t have to suffer for the sake of your audio-video components. While high-end speakers and displays immerse us in our favorite media, they are built for technical performance rather than for blending in with the décor of your space. The size, shape, and other qualities of your equipment can distract from the aesthetics of the room they are in. Luckily, there are ways to conceal these bulky components without affecting performance. 

Place your speakers in your wall or ceiling for audio that surrounds you discreetly. You can paint over the grates or even finish using the surrounding material to make the installation seamless and completely invisible. You can also install them in special cabinets or in your bookshelves to keep them off your floor and taking up space. As for your display, you can install a motorized television mount that retracts into the ceiling, wall, or cabinet with just the tap of a button. There are also motorized panels that cover your television with artwork or a mirror when it is not in use. 

Now is the perfect time to upgrade your home entertainment system to bring all your favorite media to your space. Video General is here to make sure that your media room is equipped with the latest audio-video equipment. Call us at (817) 640-5321 x 202 or fill out our online contact form here.

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