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Articles in Category: Wireless Audio

Wireless audio can be installed in one room, multiple rooms, or the whole house for music enjoyment wherever you desire. Learn about wireless systems here.

Upgrade Your Home Audio System with Wireless Control from Sonos

Sonos allows you to combine your existing audio system with convenient, wireless control and streaming options

Upgrade Your Home Audio System with Wireless Control from Sonos

Whole-home audio provides fun for the entire family with music, podcasts, and audiobooks readily available in every room of the house. But playing music starts to feel like a chore if you’re still using an old sound system that requires you to fiddle with volume knobs and keypads every time you want to make an adjustment.

But Sonos has revolutionized the audio industry, allowing you to add wireless audio capabilities to existing sound systems in your Westlake, TX home. With Sonos, you can enjoy all the perks of multiroom audio with centralized control without replacing the audio components you already own. Keep reading to learn how!