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Video General is your premier home automation and high-performance audio-video integrator serving Colleyville, TX. Call us to learn about whole-home audio.

Experience High-Performance Sound Everywhere with Whole-Home Audio

Enjoy Music, Movies, Games, and Podcasts from the Same System

Experience High-Performance Sound Everywhere with Whole-Home Audio

Imagine slowly waking to the soft sound of a mountain stream or waves breaking along a shoreline. For the enterprising go-getter, you may enjoy jumping out of bed, inspired by your “Good Morning!” playlist streaming through your home and outdoor areas. You head to the pool for your morning laps, energized by the Zac Brown Band playing through underwater speakers. When you enter the kitchen to start your day, your favorite newscaster is on TV, reporting world events. 

All these sounds and more come from your whole-home audio system. Are you ready to experience high-performance sound everywhere and anywhere on your Colleyville, TX property? Let’s explore the makings of a whole-home or distributed audio system.