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Bring unmatched convenience, comfort, and luxury to your lifestyle with a smart home installation in your Southlake, TX, home. Find out more here. 

Smart Home Living Brings Unrivaled Home Entertainment & Convenience

Enjoy a Luxurious Lifestyle with a Customized Smart Home Installation

Smart Home Living Brings Unrivaled Home Entertainment & Convenience

Smart home automation offers a level of convenience and luxury that’s hard to imagine until experienced. You no longer adjust the lights and window coverings in every room. Instead, your smart home does it for you. There’s no more searching for remotes to control your many TVs, music devices, and gaming consoles. Now, one elegant touchscreen or remote offers effortless control of every entertainment device in your home. Select the room and the source and enjoy high-resolution audio and video.

As a smart home installation company serving Southlake, TX, for over 25 years, we’ve watched this impressive industry transform. At Video General, our smart homes are customized and unique to every client's lifestyle. Instead of struggling with smart devices controlled with various apps in a piecemeal approach, our smart homes are controlled from one user-friendly platform. This whole-home solution creates a comprehensive ecosystem that makes managing your home effortless. 

Let’s explore the incredible possibilities and some of our clients’ favorite automated solutions!

How A Smart Home Installation Increases A Home’s Value

Builders and contractors know that smart home technology is a must-have for new builds

How A Smart Home Installation Increases A Home’s Value

Smart homes are taking over the Southlake, Texas area. Therefore, forward-thinking architects, builders, and contractors should consider making smart home installation a main feature in new home construction. Smart home solutions from Video General offer a wide range of conveniences and luxuries, so it’s no surprise that more prospective home buyers are looking into it. 

What, specifically, is driving the demand for smart home installation? Read on to find out!