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Make managing your home's window coverings easy and elegant with automatic shading solutions. These systems automatically adjust based on the sun and the time.

What Settings Can I Use with Automatic Shading?

How to Make the Most of Motorized Shades at Home

What Settings Can I Use with Automatic Shading?

Any homeowner with motorized window shades will swear by their convenience, versatility, and simplicity. Whether you’re starting the day or settling down for a movie night, automatic shading provides the ideal lighting conditions in seconds. 

If you’re wondering what can be done with automatic shading, here are programming options to help you save time in your Southlake, Texas, home. 

Manage Your Home’s Window Coverings Effortlessly with Automated Control

Automatic Shading Offers One-Touch, Voice, and Hands-Free Control

Manage Your Home’s Window Coverings Effortlessly with Automated Control

Whether you're just entering the sphere of smart devices and home automation or are considering going all out with a complete smart home makeover, one of the solutions clients love is automatic shading

Compared to manual window coverings, the difference is dramatic. Instead of manually raising or lowering the shades as the sunlight peers through the windows or night descends, smart shades raise and lower with one touch of a button. You can control all of the shades in your home simultaneously, or in just one room, with a touchscreen, mobile device, or in-wall keypad. The sight of custom shades raising and lowering in perfect unison adds beauty and elegance to your home. 

Automatic shading, however, offers much more than elegant control. These shades can automatically raise and lower throughout the day with no effort on your part. Our certified technicians can program them based on the time of day, season, and your daily activities. Let’s explore how these shades are transforming homes in Southlake, TX.