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Bring Beauty and Ease to Your Home with Automated Lighting

Manage Your Home’s Lighting Effortlessly with a Lighting Control System

Bring Beauty and Ease to Your Home with Automated Lighting

According to Straits Research, the global smart lighting market was valued at over $14.7 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach over $94 billion by 2030. That’s a whopping compound annual growth rate of 22.9%. Why the tremendous growth in smart lighting? 

In a nutshell, these systems offer enhanced beauty, reduced energy usage, convenience, and safety. Let’s explore the makings of a lighting control system and what it can do for your home in Southlake, TX.

Experience High-Performance Sound Everywhere with Whole-Home Audio

Enjoy Music, Movies, Games, and Podcasts from the Same System

Experience High-Performance Sound Everywhere with Whole-Home Audio

Imagine slowly waking to the soft sound of a mountain stream or waves breaking along a shoreline. For the enterprising go-getter, you may enjoy jumping out of bed, inspired by your “Good Morning!” playlist streaming through your home and outdoor areas. You head to the pool for your morning laps, energized by the Zac Brown Band playing through underwater speakers. When you enter the kitchen to start your day, your favorite newscaster is on TV, reporting world events. 

All these sounds and more come from your whole-home audio system. Are you ready to experience high-performance sound everywhere and anywhere on your Colleyville, TX property? Let’s explore the makings of a whole-home or distributed audio system.

Get the Best Lighting for Nighttime & Sleep with Lutron

With Lutron, Lights Automatically Adjust for Cozy Evenings

Get the Best Lighting for Nighttime & Sleep with Lutron

Have you ever screwed in a new lightbulb, only to find it was much too harsh and bright—or the reverse? Too warm and sleepy for the home office?

Light bulbs come in all shades of white, and sometimes they aren’t appropriate for various times of day. Light dimmers can improve the atmosphere, but if you’re using cool-toned bulbs, dimming won’t make them feel any cozier. 

Luckily, when you have a smart Lutron lighting system in your Southlake, TX house, you can enjoy both cool and warm lighting. Your LED lights will be automated to adjust on their own throughout the day. In the morning, lights appear brighter and cool, gradually warming and dimming by bedtime. 

In this article, we’ll dive into how lighting temperature can affect our moods, and by automating your lights, you’ll create a more comfortable bedtime routine. 

Transform Your Home with High-End Speakers

Enjoy a Lifelike Soundstage Throughout Your Home, Whether Watching TV or Listening to Music

Transform Your Home with High-End Speakers

According to varying studies, the average American spends about three hours watching TV and almost four hours listening to music daily. That comes out to nearly half of our waking hours engaged in listening to some form of audio.

For audiophiles, some of this time may be spent in designated listening rooms with high-fidelity speakers immersing them in the best sound reproduction available. For many, its music streamed from their smartphones, laptops, and portable Bluetooth speakers. One survey found that only 8% of the 34,000 respondents listened to music on hi-fi equipment or turntables. 

If you’ve experienced music and soundtracks delivered from high-end speakers, you know the difference they can make in your Colleyville, TX, home. The good news is that today's manufacturers create solutions for every type of audio and room. Families can enjoy the best high-performance sound, whether watching their favorite Netflix series in the living room, listening to music by the pool, or enthralled in a movie in their home theater. 

At Video General, we create spaces that deliver the ultimate in today’s audio and video technology, from whole-home distributed AV systems to media rooms and outdoor entertainment meccas. To do this, we partner with industry leaders in audio, video, and home automation technology. Let’s explore some of their remarkable technology.